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About software

SyncEee is a pen light application that allows you to register colorful effects and enjoy it with concerts, parties, karaoke and more.
You can enjoy the same effect by sharing the registration contents.
When you execute the same registered contents, the effects are synchronized, so you can enjoy a sense of unity throughout the whole venue.

· You can add a name to the registration content and set the color, effect, time in detail.
· Preview can be easily done even during registration.
· Since registered contents are recognized as character strings, you can also enjoy effects by registering appropriate characters.
· You can output registered contents with QR code or you can share them easily with friends because you can capture them with a camera.
· When executing the same registered contents, synchronize the timing.

※ Please use the strap and ring to prevent the fall of the mobile phone.
Please confirm that you are permitted to use mobile phones when using at the event venue.
Depending on the type of effect, the screen may blink violently so please avoid stopping the screen.
The developer is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred when using this application.


Operation explanation

Main screen
Main screen

1  Effect selection 
When the setting method start method is ON, a message for start is displayed, and the effect starts when the start is tapped.
2  To Setting screen
3  To Edit screen

Setting screen
Setting screen

4  Time display
When set to ON, the current time is displayed in the effect display.
5  Starting method
When ON, the effect starts at the timing of tapping the start button.
6  Automatic end time
Sets the time at which the effect ends automatically. (In case of 0 minute, it will not end automatically, so please be careful.)
7  About this application
Display application information.


Edit screen

Edit screen1

9  To Main screen
10  Item selection
Select the effect to delete or display as QR code.
11  Details
To edit an effect, tap the details button.
12  Delete
Delete the selected effect.
13  Add to
To add a new effect, go to the edit screen.
14 QR code display
Move to the QR code output screen to display the selected effect.
15 QR code capturing
Move to the QR code input screen.
  Change the position of the list
You can move the position by long tapping the line.


QR code output

Import from QR code
16  To Edit screen
You will return to the edit screen.
17  QR code display
The selected effect is displayed as QR information. Other devices can capture effect information via QR code capture.


QR code input screen

QR code capturing

18  QR code capturing
Make sure the QR code is displayed in the center of the frame. When importing is completed, a list of loaded effects is displayed. Activate the check for the effect you want to import and tap Add to add to the end of the list. QR code capturing


Effect edit screen


19  To Edit screen
Canceling the effect edit and return to the edit screen.
20  Done
Register the effect edit and return to the edit screen.
21  Name
Enter the name of the effect.
22  Keycode
Enter the key code of the effect. Effect information is displayed below from the key code.
23  Information
Displays one effect information.
24  Edit
Edit one effect. When tapped, a dialog for editing is displayed.
25  Delete
Deletes the selected line.
26  Add to
To add a new effect, display the effect selection screen. (Determination of additional position can be selected on the effect selection screen.)
If copied contents are registered, the contents being copied as initial display are displayed on the effect selection screen.
27  Copy
Save the selected line in memory for copying.
This button can not be used when multiple lines are selected. If it is displayed in red it means it is copied in memory.
28  Insert
To insert before and after the selected line, the effect selection screen is displayed. (You can select the insertion position on the effect selection screen.)
If copied contents are registered, the contents being copied as initial display are displayed on the effect selection screen.
29  Preview
Effects are started with the contents registered above.


Effect edit dialog

Editing effects

You can check the list of effects here.

31  Preview display
Switches the display of the preview of the selected effect.
32  Color setting
Make settings related to the color of the effect.
33  Effect setting
Sets the effect of the effect.
34  Second setting
Sets the number of seconds of the effect.
35  Cnacel
Cancel changing the effect.
36  Update
Update effect changes.




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Change log

  01/01/2021 ios14 compatible. Ad tracking permission.  V1.2.0
  01/24/2020 Modified effect display to full screen. V1.1.2
  01/21/2020 Bug fix of version display. V1.1.1
  12/10/2019 ios13 compatible. V1.1.0
  11/25/2019 Privacy policy update.
  01/30/2019 iPhone version release. V1.0.0

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