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About software

FormShot is an application that allows you to shoot and check golf swings and throwing forms.
You can play and compare up to 4 screens simultaneously.
In playback mode, playback is possible in units of frames or in continuous form.
Since the trimming is performed automatically during recording, the form can be checked immediately.

Main menu

 Startup screen

Recording screen

 Recording screen

FormShot records video and audio for a few seconds before and after pressing the shutter button.

Example: Shooting a golf swing.
By pressing the shutter button when the ball is shot, you can record a few seconds before and after the shot.

Start recording with Start
Wait Recording
Press the shutter button when shooting
Wait Recording
Video, creating
To repeat recording

Edit template


 Edit template

Playback screen

 Playback list

 Playback screen

Slide display  
Multiple screens are displayed in synchronization.   The screen selected by tapping is displayed alone.  
Playback screen slide display 1   Playback screen slide display 2  
Operation by gesture  
You can switch between multi-screen display and single-screen display by double-tapping the screen.  
Playback screen gesture 1  
Pinch out and zoom in and out. Move with two-finger scroll.  
Playback screen gesture 2   Playback screen gesture 3  

Settings screen

Setting screen

Recording range  
Save seconds(Before) Number of seconds to save before pressing the shutter button.  
Save seconds(After) Number of seconds to save after pressing the shutter button.  
 Recording range  
Camera resolution  
Camera position Set the camera device (front or back) to be used for shooting.  
Back camera resolution Set the resolution of the back camera.  
Front camera resolution Set the resolution of the front camera.  
Output size Set the output image size when a screenshot is output during playback.  
Background color Set the background color when outputting.  
Margin specification Set the margin width when outputting.  
Sequence photo  
Number of frames Set the number of screen divisions for continuous photos. (The number of divisions is adjusted to increase the display range.)  
Number of steps Set the value between frames in a continuous photo.  
About this application Display the application information screen.  
Change GDPR If applicable to EU General Data Protection, you can change the settings for displaying ads.  

You can switch GDPR from the settings to everyone in the area that falls under EU general data protection.


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Change log

  01/01/2021  ios14 compatible. Ad tracking permission.  V1.2.0
  02/21/2020  ios13 compatible. Fixed bug around camera.  V1.1.0
  12/06/2019  iPhone version release. V1.0.0

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